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Dream 2.0
EASTTOP Dream 2.0 12 Hole 48 Tone Chromatic Harmonica G Key Mouth Professional Music Instruments
1. Complete keys, a chromatic scale can play two keys, and contains all the rising and falling semitones of each key
2. Transparent ABS material is used to make it more artistic and enhance the hardness and stability while the appearance level is higher. It is not easy to break when disassembled or bumped
3. Made of all copper material, through special electroplating process, the mouthpiece is round and smooth, the blow hole is uniform and exquisite, and the taste is comfortable
4. Shell frosted anti-fingerprint, retro quicksand black gold, color matching spraying process
5. The new technology makes the sound spring, good flexibility, the seat plate adopts the technology of secondary stamping, the air tightness is greatly improved, and the sound color is more transparent
6. Screw type design, more convenient to disassemble, closer with the shell, improve the overall firm and stability of the harmonica
7. High-end violin case packaging, high-end development and design
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